A Poem Film, 2016


A body positive poem, delving into the power of the soft female figure, and rejecting dogmas of aesthestic hierarchies in the embrace of personal physicality. Featuring drawings from 'Intimate', text & life drawing series, 2016 (Pen on Paper, Various Sizes (smallest approx 6x10cm - largest approx 20x22cm).


Flesh cage,

Rounded bars,

Fat ball and chain,

The sweet suffocation of the soft body,

I love my prison,

That so called undesirable container.

The stretch marks like cravings on the wall, counting the days of my life,

The uniform of skin covers me.

To be locked up, trapped,

My body- my cell?

Or my facilitator?

To interact and intercept.

Even if I am a prisoner - can’t I be happy here?

In the jelly coating,

Thick, secure, a pillow layer,

Do you know how I feel?

Take me in your hands,

Get the evidence for yourself,

Commit the crime of experiencing the unfashionable figure,


Are you thinking about your mother when your face is between my full breasts?

When you’re in the cell with me too?

Feels like home doesn’t it?

There’s not enough air in here for both of us, you’ll have to get out.

I watch the room begin to age,

Lines forming,

The ceiling stretched, now loose, hanging down, never to return to flat flesh.

I look up at it, the weight of imperfection above my head, But it is my home!

How dare you come into my home and talk about where I live!

Critiquing the decor.

It’s not to your taste.

It doesn’t need to be, you don’t live here!

To have to share a cell with you, I would go insane!

I may be a physical criminal,

But I’m doing my time.

In a maximum insecurity penitentiary.

A cage of curves.

I’ve got Stockholm syndrome for my keeper-

My body.

She’s looking after me,

If home is where the heart is, then I am home in my flesh. Every mark,

Every jiggle,

Every sag,

On the walls of my prison make it mine,

Life sentence,

Human penance,

Twenty four hours a day,

Flesh cage,

Rounded bars,

Fat ball and chain,

I love my prison,

Holding me captive from birth to grave.