Photography by Umberto C. and Daniele Nolè

Liberty Antonia works with mediums of drawing, text and moving image to explore issues of 21st century body politics, with a focus on the experience of living in a female body in a ‘photo-shopped’ world; the new visual rhetoric of perfection through digital manipulation. Working within a socio-political context, her work uses character and playfulness to discuss themes of food, ‘femininity’ and sexuality.

Liberty Antonia’s work aims to open discussion about vulnerability, imperfection and inequality, with characters’ bordering between a ‘parody of’ and ‘pride in’ being a woman [exploring Gender Performativity and female stereotypes]. The use of humour as a technique of critique is the basis of Liberty Antonia’s practice, aiming to use it as a device to answer the unspoken dogma of one’s body being one’s collateral. In homage to the traditions of political satire, often included within her pen & digital colour drawings and performance video pieces, are slogans & text, to combine word & image in the creation of ‘Fine Art comedy’.

Within her moving image practice, Liberty Antonia creates a world of character through an immersive combination of herself as performer of her own words and purgatorial studio & sound environments. Her practice includes both directing and first person performance, with works exploring, at times, controversial issues such as eating disorders, fetish & body dysmorphia. Her multidisciplinary practice also takes form in published works, focusing on the intimacy of the ‘artist talking to audience’ through the one-on-one printed experience.

Liberty Antonia Sadler is an artist & filmmaker based in London. Her work has been featured at Whitechapel Gallery, London, ICA, London, BFI Southbank, London, HOME, Manchester, CCA, Glasgow, OXO Gallery, London and in Nylon, Polyester, Metro, Grazia & Sukeban Magazines.

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