Extract from 'I Feel Femme' a poem performance film, 2016


Ode to the Meninist Generation, the Friendzone martyrs,

the personifications of privilege, the baby pink bad boys.


Personas Andy and Gilbert exploring stereotypes of contemporary masculinity, including archetypical ‘Geek’ & ‘Hipster’ aesthetics. A satire on modern misogyny, examining the rise of ‘Meninists’ culture through Boi performativity and gendered space; featured as part of performative film cycle 'I Feel Femme', 2016.


Written, Performed and Directed by Liberty Antonia Sadler

Assistant Directors: Aubrey Tait & Natalie Anastasiou

Makeup & Hair: Katie Cresser & Helena Jopling

Styling: Roxanne Chanel Murray

Many Thanks: Sonia Wynn & Shane Fearon


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