Vivacious. Political. Grotesque. Erotic.

Liberty Antonia's multidisciplinary practice of drawing, text and moving image intertwine in their exploration of body politics, specifically female bodies, food & sexuality, using humour to open discussion about vulnerability and self-acceptance. Dealing with the psycho-sexual relationship between food and femininity & reclaiming the right to imperfection; Liberty Antonia's figurative pen and performance works draw a world of characters, creatures & carticatures.


"The cruel hierarchies, the marginalization of the nonconforming anomalies in a photoshopped society, can be challenged by methodologies of claiming value, and this can be achieved though art practice. The female body overflflows with personality, faces to be found in her curves: the nipples wink, their pupils dilate in pleasure, the fat of the belly grins widely, from hip bone to hip bone, in love with herself and her witness, like a showgirl with a whip: she is flirtatious but with a playful sting. The boisterous and abundant being should be embraced; reach to touch her soft flesh, her unapologetic curves, big hips and old-fashioned breasts that have never really been out of style. She is ready to claim emancipated space​."

'Claiming Space', Critical Essay, Liberty Antonia Sadler, 2016



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